My favorites|Mis Favoritos / by Cinthia Contreras

As a blogger, I receive a lot of product from diverse brands and the truth is, that not everything I get I like or end up using, after trying them. But here I’ll highlight the ones I actually use and love!


Santal 31: I’m a fan of the brand and a lover of this specific fragrance. That "I live in a city vibe" is impossible to miss.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian:

Baccarat 540: I smelled Baccarat on one of my friends and fell in love with its exoticism  and sensuality. Totally unforgettable.

Oud Silk Mood: This is a sophisticated, subtle, elegant and discreet fragrance. I got interested in it when I read OUD, which is one of my favorite ingredients in a perfume or cologne.

La Mer:

This face moisturizer speaks for itself, this brand has been around for a while but not many people knew about it, This is youth and hydration in a vase. It has a thick, whipped cream texture and because of that, you don’t need to apply much. I used it at night. When I started using it my face stayed dryness and breakout free from the beginning.


I received a lot of products from this brand and I use them, for my daytime routine. This brand is water base and light.


I don’t like to experiment with hair products because normally the end results are the same, my hair gets oily and dandruff starts showing up right way! But I took a shoot with this brand because the interface of the website is a series of questions about your hair type and issues, based on that they create a customized line. I loveeeeee the smell and so far no oily hair or dandruff.


I received a lot of hair products from this but I use the leave in Damage Remedy it leaves your hair smooth and shiny. Also, I liked the calming boy oil and hand cream.

Daniel Wellington:

The watches are so classic and simple that you can wear them pretty much with any look and at any occasion.


This online clothing shop sent me a few pieces and I have to admit that the quality of these dresses despite the price is very impressive. The fitting is also very good. I ended up buying more dresses, the shipping though takes too long, be sure to order ahead.


This is a sportswear brand. The fabric is strong and plays the role of a girdle, is not transparent, so you can bend down knowing that you are not showing your underwear.

Stephanie Kantis:

This jewelry brand is very high quality and stylish. The finishing and packaging of the pieces are very pristine and well done.  Her designs are Statement Pieces.

Stephanie Kantis

Stephanie Kantis



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Francis Kurkdjian 





Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington