Face Roller / by Cinthia Contreras


 So there I was in one of my many event getting a mani inspired by Elemis colors hues and a juicy gift bag, that happened to include among the goodies this pretty and unknown device to me, that after months of being just kept away in my bathroom shelf, I decided to google and try.

The name of the device is Face Roller, articles claim that this roller helps to reduce wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles and with your face creams and serums absorption (I agree with the last one).

The key to getting the most out of jade rolling is to keep an eye out for rollers that specifically note they're made from natural stone: Many of the cheaper versions on the market are actually made from glass and infused with dye to match the color of the jade stone.

I have been using it and true to be told the results of all these beauty routines are not noticeable right way in most cases, but my motto is, if is good and you know it wont damage your health and appearance, you just do it. As for now massaging my face with this roller feels soooo good and because is a natural crystal it keeps a nice low temperature that feels like heaven after a long day at work.


"Our facial muscles store a lot of tension," says Ling Chan, an esthetician and the owner of the facial-specializing Ling Skincare spa. She was also one of the early forces behind the jade roller's recent renaissance. "This tension can cause wrinkles and fine lines, especially around our forehead and eyes. Using a jade roller often can help to release tension in these spots."

According to Chan, using a jade roller as a follow-up to skin-care products helps the ingredients soak in better so they can, in turn, do their jobs better. "Any sort of occlusion, including with a surface like a roller, can increase absorption of a product," agrees Dr. Annie Chiu, a dermatologist based in New York City. This means that anything that you can do to trap skin-care ingredients against your skin until they're fully absorbed (and not evaporated or, say, rubbed off on your pillowcase) will help boost the effectiveness of them. 

How to use it:

You can include it in your morning or night routine.

Once you've applied your hydrator, serum, cream or moisturizing mask, you can massage all over the face for three to five minutes with the jade roller. Gentle pressure and motion also promotes circulation, which plumps and firms skin and is a major contributor to that clean-living, eight-hours-of-sleep glow we're all striving for.

You can also store your roller in the fridge or freezer for an extra chilly pop of puff-fighting, but even a room temperature tool will be pleasantly cool, warming slightly as you work.