Fashionably Fooled / by Cinthia Contreras


One of the things that surprises people most when they see or meet people in the public eye is the fact that 95% of the time, they don't look like they do in pictures or social media. With the current widespread use of filters and the much beloved Photoshop, the difference between a glossy image and reality has never been more stark, ridiculous...or deceiving.

It really is as easy as ABc. Wrinkles are smoothed away, skin defects are eliminated, extra pounds disappear and an ungracious duckling is miraculously turned into an elongated swan. Hell, after everything is done, you’d be hard pressed to recognise the person who has been altered.

So, who really cares if some celebrity or zelebrity wants to make others believe that they are prettier/ thinner/ taller than they really are? No-one. But constantly being bombarded with perfect doctored images both in the press and social media fools people into believing that perfection is attainable when we know that it isn't. Many people compare themselves to what they see, feel that they aren’t up to scratch and sometimes even resort to drastic measures to try and resemble the doctored images.



Even though we all know most of these images are fake, they affect us in different ways. And they really shouldn’t because allowing ourselves to be fooled only perpetuates the problem. So next time we're staring at whoever's perfect whatever, we should remember that IRL, they're probably as flawed as the rest of the world.

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