All Fashionably Shook Up / by Cinthia Contreras


As Fashion season marches mercilessly on, one thing is clear: a change is clearly coming. Designers and brands are gradually daring to challenge the established parameters and shake things up. Some are doing so by showing their men's and women's collections together. Others are scaling things down by going for more intimate venues and offering fewer pieces. The most brazen - and some would say brave -  are completely throwing the rulebook - and the established Fashion Calendar - out the window. They will now show what they want when they want.

 A while ago, such moves would have seemed like brand suicide but as time goes on and the number of brands grows, brands are deciding to set and play by their own rules. This, of course, allows them to stand out and take control of how and when their new designs will be revealed but it is also injecting some freshness to proceedings. And most interestingly, it is opening up the industry by showing that doing your own thing does not necessarily mean doom.

 Things had become a bit safe and samey when it came to Fashion Week. These new changes from both bigger and smaller brands mean that the whole system is going to get a much-needed shake up. There will be drops to look forward to throughout the year, brands will pop up where and when we least expect them and collections won't mechanically be reeled out because "it's time". In short, things should start getting interesting again. We'll just have to watch and see how this evolving liberation plays out...

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