For SS17 Telfar continues his core practice of starting with the most widely available, boring, bland and normal staples of american dress and turning them up: deconstructing their, form reimagining their function, and projecting them into the future.

Rendered in big box fabrics and a suburban palette of brights-basics like the polo, dress shirt and tank top are taken apart and reconstructed: twisted, reversed, turned into pants or strapped with lateral stripes of fabric which act as pockets.

The result is an uniform fir the future-present acting as camouflage for counterculture. Eluding any category, Telfar swears allegiance to no niche consumer typology: It's not for skaters; it's not for goths; it's not for preppies... In the words of the line's own motto: It's not for you, it's for everyone.