Millennial's Monsters by Cinthia Contreras

I’m starting to believe that we millennials are genetically unbalanced… Why?

Don’t get me wrong about my following words, I wrote before millennials are a rare breed that strive for greatness and that is fantastic, but until what point? I haven’t had a conversation with someone in my age box and younger (myself included) that doesn’t have these horrible constant feelings of; desperation to know what is going to happen with our lives and how we are going to end, wondering every second when is shit going to stop hitting so often and so hard, nonconformity with anything we do, emptiness no matter what we accomplish or where we go, unhappiness, hopeless, terrible insecurities, discouragement because we want to do so much reach so many goals but life keeps throwing balls at us, bored, unrest, scared, lost… jaded. Wondering every second of your existence why if we did everything in life right, school, college, after college, the clean life, etc, we are stuck in a crappy job that wont lead anywhere unless we keep pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing to reach reach reach reach in another direction, and that is fine but again to what point? Pushing so much and not letting things happen only leads you to more misery and a clouded mind! what's the rush anyway? Can you relate? Welcome to the club.

I am not saying that we have to settle with whatever or be fine with complacency but come on! How are we supposed to see the good things even the big ones, when we are always hammering ourselves because we haven’t reach someone else's level? To then find that this person you think reached the seventh heaven is as miserable and even maybe more than us. But what is causing all this damage? Social media? Having too much access to others “fantasy” life? Marketing sleights? Books? Technological speed?

We are virtually impaired to enjoy the moment because all we look forward to is the future or having someone else’s life. There is not longer a “step by step” there is just right here right now, taking leaps and diminishing ourselves to reach other people's level.

Seeing and feeling how we are just turning into ungrateful robots is alarming, and the virus has spread widely since there are so many cushions, mugs, posters and memes telling you to “Be Happy” “Be Grateful” “Be Kind To Yourself” “Live Love” “Don’t Give Up” “You Can Do It” again things telling you what to do or reminding you that you are not another body in the world. We are just in such a hurry that we even want to force LOVE into our lives but we don't have the time and the courage to cultivate it.

Has it always being like that and I just didn’t notice?

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