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I have to admit that going to a presentation where bullets were part of the décor, got me wondering where the heck am I? Gangster association? Organized group? some kind of in memory of tribute? Until I had the chance to have a conversation with the designer behind the brand Jack Klauber about the social message behind these collection where pieces were actually shot with a gun and how he went from working in catering pouring wine and doing coat check to create his own fashion brand.               

1. Where do you come from?

I’m originally from Chicago, after I graduated from high school I moved to California and on September 2012 right after hurricane Sandy I moved to New York.

2. Did you go to school to form yourself as a fashion designer or are you empirical?

I’m more of a fashion entrepreneur, I have the eye but to execute the technical part I have to team up with the right people. I’m designing my collection based on what I want in my closet.

One of the main things about my brand is the social message that it brings but the most important thing it has is the fit, we spent many months working on the perfect fit and I couldn’t do that alone.

3. When did you officially launch your brand?

November 15, 2016 with the collection UN:LOAD

4.  How did you come up with the name UN:LOAD?

Our debut collection is focused on raising money and spreading awareness to stop gun violence. The issue of gun rights has pervaded American society from our history books to our daily news. And while the right to bear arms is hotly debated by politicians and concerned citizens alike, gun violence continues to run rampant through our communities. Guns are too deeply embedded in our country’s culture to simply get rid of, so let’s instead revolutionize the way we think about them.

5. How do you define your style?

My style is very minimalistic, almost gender neutral, a bit futuristic

6. Why you chose the name UN:DO to represent your brand?

The idea is to un do these problems in the world and the reason why I have the colon between un and do is because we want to undo something but we also want to do something about it that is why this collection is called UN:LOAD and the next collection is going to be UN:CHAINED, which is going to be about human trafficking.

7. Where are you going to be selling your brand?

Mainly on our website www.undonyc.com and I’m making contacts with some boutiques in New York and some in Miami Beach

8.  How many pieces did you manufacture for this collection?

We have a limited edition of 500 pieces for this first released.

9. What type of materials did you use for this collection?

We used 2 types of materials. Sustainability is very important to us so we used a material called bamboo and cotton modelo blend.

10. What is the target you want to reach?

People who care about fashion, but also about care about the environment and social causes

11. What inspires you?


Jack Klauber

Jack Klauber