Everyone has their own nostalgic moments. To Son Jung Wan, 1970's is reminiscence itself. With this mood poured in 2017 s/s collection, she perfectly visualizes the cheerful and flamboyant scenes of 70's to make the audience feel like standing right in the middle of 70's.

The inspirations came basically from every aspect of 70's. Ritzy yet simple flavor and colorful disco mood were added to flourish the runway. To emphasize the energy of 70's, she focused precisely on sportive aspect of the collection. Active elements were among the spots of feminine silhouettes. not only this but also intensely vivid colors were added as well. With the brightly vivid colors and bold prints, she throws big fun to the audience as well as herself. 


Pop and funky colors as vivid red, violet and cherry pink. Muted colors such as floral white and misty rose adds tenderness to the scene. Emerald green and metallic blue bring liveliness and creates disco mood over the show.


Various shapes of stripe patterns plays pleasing rhythm. Enamels provide intensity and bohemian mood. Tenderness and retro mood is illustrated through tweeds. Sequin and floral patterns puts final touch on the show.