A weekend in Vegas / by Cinthia Contreras


Ok, I wasn’t planning on writing a post about this trip, because it was too short and I had to follow a schedule during my trip, but I think it would be a good idea to share this experience.

I never thought of ever visiting Las Vegas because I thought it was all about gambling, but guess what?! I loved it and so much that I want to go back and do more, hiking included.

I landed and I was already bedazzled by all the lights and gambling machines all over the airport, I don’t like gambling but the machines can be very decorative. I ride in my cab the driver starts rolling and I immediately go in WAO mode seeing how close to reality these hotels are builded. Even during the daytime, the view can be quite alluring.

Las Vegas is pretty much one long street (strip) you can walk easily. it was boiling hot but I endured the heat and started walking down the street, loving and admiring how clean this city is, how well taken care of are the buildings and how nice and serviceable people are. I had the chance to wail inside The Venetian and the Wynn (my uber driver suggested the second one and he was right doing so) The Venetian is an exact copy of Italy, you are inside there and somehow you feel like you are outdoors, the lighting as I was able to prove later was perfect just like in Venice, Tao, by the way, is inside this hotel, the Wynn in the other hand is more modern and luxurious like seriously luxurious, the big brands stores are inside this hotel and they have this gorgeous restaurant with the most amazing view, I felt rich walking inside this hotel.

The Welcome to Las Vegas Nevada sign is a stop you can’t miss and going out clubbing at least once, even the not club lovers like me will enjoy themselves, I went to Hurricane and I have to say IT WAS RAD! the rounded shape of this club and the rain coming down every certain time like a soft mist are awesome and of course paying a necessary visit to IN and OUT Burger, the bloggers spot like a call it.