CAYMAN ISLANDS: WEEKEND / by Cinthia Contreras

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I am always dreaming of paradise! And during an ice cream afternoon with my friend we decided that it was time to finally book that trip that we were talking about for a while.  After looking for several options and dates, we found a price friendly option, and I couldn’t have been happier with this option!

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Visiting Cayman Islands surpassed all my expectations! This paradise showed me blue hues of water I never saw before, and fulfilled two of my bucket list adventures.

The downside of the trip was the short period of time we stayed, so that meant we had to sprint to be able to do as much as we could. We were supposed to start with a visit to the Crystal Caves, on the east side of Grand Cayman but we never made it because the flight got seriously delayed and we couldn’t rebook it, we already had other activities booked and most of the tours start in the morning.

We had some issues with our tours because if the tour companies don’t complete certain amount of people, they cancel on you last minute and it can get chaotic. Make sure to keep backups or ask the hotel staff for help to find tour companies.

Day 1:

The morning was for flying. We arrived too late to do our crystal caves tour so we decided to have lunch at the restaurant beach bar “Tortuga” (the coconut shrimps are to die for) and then take a stroll around George Town under the brutal heat and humidity. Our first stop was a nice and cozy shop called Pure Art; there you find home decoration, jewelry and memorabilia designed by local artists.

After that, we walked to a more central area of town admiring their very different and colorful infrastructure. When we were done with our walk we headed back to the hotel so hot that we ended up jumping at the beach at sunset. OMGGGG the water so crystal clear that even at night you can see the bottom.

Dinnertime! We asked the locals for a good restaurant and they recommended Edouardo’s, the restaurant it’s not by the water but the food is unbelievably good and the staff very friendly.

After dinner we tried to find a nice bar but we failed miserably trying to find one, locals didn’t nailed it recommending them, so after going to two places we called it quits and went to sleep.

Day 2:


I was soooo looking forward to this “Stingray City, Coral Garden and Starfish Point tour”

This four hours tour is amazing. Getting to experience the magic under these waters and then to get so close to the sea life is an unforgettable experience. I always wanted to swim with the stingrays, it looks so pretty on pictures but I have to admit I was pretty scared!

A little story: I was already kind off freaked out about being in the water surrounded by these creatures. One of the tour guide was holding one and of course the curiosity of touching it, was stronger than me, I was slowly and hesitantly approaching the one he was holding when in a moment I felt something pushing me by the waist, I looked down and OMGGGGGGGGG one of them came to the surface to greet me in the most unexpected way! Just image the kind of scream I threw out there and how fast I grabbed my friend and jumped behind her back shocked and disgusted.

Every human around us was shocked by my reaction and the only words my friend came up with were “I don’t know her”. I could tell there were no Latinos there, because I am pretty sure part of them would have jumped back on the boat thinking a shark was there.

After the stingrays we made one more stop to the starfish point where I was attacked by colorful little fishes while snorkeling, they kept coming too close to my face probably confusing me with food jajaja.

Back to dry land and starving we went back for lunch to “Tortuga”, my friend wanted to have those coconut shrimps again, no more fried food for me so I tried the tuna wrap and as simple as it sounds I don’t know what is that these people add to their food but it was delicious.

For dinner the locals recommended Calypso Grill on the west bay and they were right suggesting it! The place is waterfront, the décor is super tropical and cozy, the food is from another galaxy, I don’t remember the kind fish I had probably mahi mahi but I know it came with tasty fried potatoes shredded like spaghettis, maybe as a way to trick your brain into believing that you are not eating fried carby food at nighttime.

After dinner we didn’t even bother trying to go clubbing too tired and too full to go bar hopping trying to find a “cool” spot

 Day 3:

Call in time, again 6:45 AM, This day was Jet Ski day, more snorkeling and kayaking! All before heading back to the airport.

I can’t describe the feeling and power I felt when I drove the Jet Ski! I felt like a Charlie’s Angel. We headed to our first snorkeling point, I can’t recall the name of this reef but the hues of blue I got to see on the away there were alluring but even though this spot was gorgeous to see it was also rough and scary, due to the intensity of the tides and depth of the water, I was seriously freaking out swimming back to the jet ski, it was too far and my body was getting too tired swimming against the currents. My advice: Keep the life jacket.


After exploring this reef, we drove to the Burger reef, there the water is more calmed and there are caves, which I enjoyed a lot seeing, they added, a more magic to the experience.

Back to the hotel and then back to the water again, this time with a kayak, working out the biceps (jet ski is a leg workout) and letting the sun French kiss us.

After a full morning of adventures, and feeling powerful on those motor devices we decided to go back to Calypso Grill (yes we liked it that much) to try their lunch menu, mahi mahi over salad, omaigudnesss another HIT, accompanied with the best virgin piña colada ever and the best Sticky Toffee Pudding of the island or should I say world?

 Stuffed like pigs we headed back to the airport and the amazing weekend adventure was over.


- If you are a in a budget there is many fast food chains to go and eat.

- Cayman it’s pretty expensive, taxis and food can eat your budget very quickly.