9 DAYS, 9 LOOKS NYFW / by Cinthia Contreras

Being a photographer and now a blogger is not an easy task during Fashion Week! Before the challenge was, running venue to venue with a big purse to catch shows, making long lines to get in and tolerate the heat or the cold, all that shinning bright like a diamond given the lack of time to even wash my face, plop but no anymore... Now I have to worry and pay attention to how I look, how can you do that when you have to carry a purse heavier than you? Well getting very creative, sticking to black, wide heel shoes when not wearing sneakers and stylish backpacks with enough space to put my camera, lenses, flash, chargers, SD card holders, some make up and my necessary water spray! God bless them.

For this season there is plenty options for backpacks, comfy shoes and loose clothing that would if you are a photographer allow you to bend down, get on your knees and move quickly without looking like someone who doesn't belong in the fashion industry.