From the break down, Marchesa Spring 2017 draws inspiration and beauty from sunrise to twilight. From the moment the sun appears over the horizon to meet the iridescent morning dew to the deepest part of night, the day's passage embodies marchesa's signature aesthetic.

Golden wheat fabrics and textures are reminiscent of rich harvest fields at dawn. Delicate petal embroideries and 3D sequin floral corsage in soft shades of nude, blush and mint atop bralette straps and corsets bodices, mirror the softness of midday skies. Asymmetrically draped Grecian gowns of ombré chiffon and tulles tier multicolored dresses playing on tonal sheerness and transparency of blush tones, are a reflection of the sky's seamless blend of color change at sunset. Metallic lace and iridescent lame elements are combined with shimmering embroideries to create starry, celestial-inspired gowns in gold, silver and deep midnight hues personifying the serenity of night. Cape and peplum detailing are set against lace inserts, seductive high-slits, cut-outs and embellishments that glisten in the twilight. Glassy organza and intricate embroideries add a soft, feminine touch to dramatic gowns, signifying the cycle a day.