Brand on Shield | Sunglasses / by Cinthia Contreras

Trend alert with the sunglasses


So I was invited by Luxottica to see the spring/summer sunglasses collections of the different brands they have under their umbrella. A trend I couldn’t help to notice was the name brand or logo on the shield, how can you see properly through them? I’m not sure, but it wasn’t enough to have the names on the sides, now we need to show more names and have them on the front. This trend is just too much for me, but I’m pretty sure many many many people is going to be happy wearing them!

Time is so contradicting right now, on one side you have all the brands and half of the humanity wearing trends showing brand names all over and the other half won’t even try to shave their under armpits and are organic or vegan (like this disgusting and antigenic post Vogue showed yesterday!) What the heck, the woman had more hair than a man! And right there on the comments you could see the war. People pretending to be open minded and respectful of each other opinions which is just the fantasy that will never. And I keep wondering where do I belong?