Spring: Cherry Blossoms, Washington DC 2017 / by Cinthia Contreras

Washington, DC,  photo by me

Washington, DC, photo by me

Im a flowers lovers with a fascination for cherry blossoms  I just find them magical like I'm part of some fairy tale and I'm just running around the field like a doncella wearing a huge dress and long locks flying with the wind (I'm sounding kind off crazy but that is how it makes me feel) but well back to the reality, Washington DC is famous for the beautiful display of these trees that blooms around the first two weeks of April and last no longer than 10 one week. This year the blooming happened on March 25 and there I was on March 27 on the road prepared and more than ready to leave New York even if it was only for a couple of hours, another ambiance, another sky another view.

The fashion:

For this special occasion, I dared choosing bright and light colors like Yellow, never ever have I worn a yellow dress! but for my surprised it didn't only looked great but I felt super comfortable in it and why not I paired it with yellow booties let's do this all the away. I love leather so I chose a white leather jacket and matched it with a bodycon baby blue and white dress and paired them with a bright peep toe pumps and  a classic cut dress with see thru starts for a more modern look, 40's with a twist.