The D DAY / by Cinthia Contreras

So far the most interesting shooting ever! Too angry to pose I had to end up canceling the shooting and having a very hard time finding a good picture.

I am trying not to have many opinions about our dear president Trump because I think some of his ideals make sense but living in flesh the consequences of his actions and how he expresses himself, changed everything and made me understand why New Yorkers are fighting him all the way. Where is this racism is going to take us? It has always existed but more in silent but now they feel they have the right to go all blunt and crazy about it. Are we going to start killing each other? Because what do white people think is going to happen if one day they mess with someone who is not willing to pull their crap and the person react right in the spot?  Because as for me only one very powerful reason stopped me that day from taking the situation below further.

So here is the story, in my eternal search of different locations to shoot since honestly Soho is already burned out. I decided to make One Beacon Court the location for this shooting, an impressive modern half circle crystal and metal edification perfect for breathtaking images but with a few issues morons lurking around asking people where do they come from to make sure they can "kick you out" of the area (like they own the country) and get away with it. During the first attempt of kicking us out I was nice and responded - just a few shoots, but then my brain sent me an electric shock to advised me - why the heck do I need to leave? this is not an advertising campaign or an editorial shoot, I have no tripods or monopods on the ground and I'm not advertising a commercial establishment without permission so why the f* do I need to leave? After a few minutes shooting a second attempt to kick us out the area happened this time by an old man who came with a dog and an attitude, who I stopped by shouting "THIS IS NOT A COMMERCIAL PHOTOSHOOT"  then he left but not before practically inserting the dog inside our bags to make sure we weren't selling drugs??!!! UNBELIEVABLE, a while later another ass who is supposed to know about law and protect civilians had the balls to approached my friend and got in his face like he has the right not only to challenge people but scream at them just because he has an uniform, of course my reaction was getting all Carrie and shouting how he was violating my rights for which he had no response since he obviously was clueless, because he understood that I was a tourist or and illegal Dominican who had no idea about United States rules and law. 

Dear Bridgman (batch 5019):

You are an ass who has no business wearing that uniform and with your imaginary swastika I wipe my pretty #Dominican derrière.

PD: Funny enough I went back home and googled "how to report police abuse" and only external organizations popped up not even a link from the police department! I ended up "reporting" in two of these organizations and yet no response... 

And now going to fashion, boyfriend jeans are going to be a thing thanks God! Loose clothing for a warmer weather, leather is already a signature in my closet and part of my style, good and valid for every season, always chic and stylish, capable of turning any normal piece into a sophisticated one. Distinct details like a colorful pair of shoes and a flashy purse, just to add a little fun to the outfit.