The Osprey & Harriet's Rooftop| 1 Hotel by Cinthia Contreras

“Ospreys fly
the world over...

As long as they nest near two things: food and open water. At The Osprey, you'll find both. We serve market driven American comfort food just steps from the East River and Brooklyn Bridge.”

Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs with lemon mascarpone and chives

Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs with lemon mascarpone and chives

It’s not a secret that I love rooftops, dumbo and brunching!!

The 1 hotel happens to be a place I enjoy going, they have a stunning view of downtown Manhattan, a beautiful modern construction, and a distinctive woody scent you can smell the moment you open the door.

We visited The Osprey on a Saturday to try their brunch menu. We ordered the Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs with lemon mascarpone and chives, the Fried Chicken & Waffles with sriracha maple sauce and the Ancient Grain Bowl. I liked the waffles and the rosé.

After brunch we went up to Harriet’s to chill out a little bit more. The weather was not at its best but the view made me forget about the cold. The music is a bit mellow and unusual for my taste but it’s Brooklyn and the vibe is different.


Scarpetta NYC Brunch by Cinthia Contreras

Tuna ‘Susci’

Tuna ‘Susci’

A new brunch is in town and with guess what?! live music to make it even more fun and relaxing.

The delicious food accompanied with the sweet voices of the singers are just going to make your Sunday better and get you ready for Monday.

The menu have a wide selection of vegetarian dishes and toasts, to please every palate.

Personally I started with the Honey, ricotta and toasted almonds toast and the Tuna “Susci”, for main course I had the Beet Mezzaluna paired with their Sauvignon Blanc, I must say my favorite and to finish a bowl of Fruits Macedonia.