Bright+Brilliant / by Cinthia Contreras


The revolutionary Clear + Brilliant fractional laser technology helps in:

Prevent the signs of aging

Improve the look of fine lines

Improve skin tone and texture

Improve skin’s overall appearance

Minimize the appearance of pores

Improve the appearance of dyschromia

Noninvasive and nonsurgical, Clear + Brilliant lets you get right back to things. What’s more, it’s budget-friendly.

Now let’s talk about my experience…

I have to admit I was very unsure about leaping to these types of invasive facials but the curiosity and the desire to have great skin and age with dignity are stronger than me, also I prefer to avoid using makeup as much as I can.

As expected it did hurt, the lack of ability to talk because my face was previously numb was very uncomfortable, the burning feeling when the anesthesia fades away was horrible, the sun burning sensation on my face that lasted for 3 days and this sandy effect on your skin when you touch it, are just part of the process to get great skin.

By day number 5 I no longer had any weird sensation, but I still had the sandy skin in some parts of my face and when I took a closer look to those spots where I still felt it I got alarmed to see all these black particles that give the effect of having big dark spots on my face. Panicked by it, I started scratching those particles with my own nails and guess what, that was just all the dirt coming out of my pores and dead skin, impressive, huh? And of course that afternoon I started helping all that dirt to come off with the help of my electric face brush, micellar water, and an exfoliator cleanser.

Tips: Stay very far away from the sun as long as you can, they said 48 hours I stayed away from it 4 days and do this procedure when all you need to do after is go home and rest because it does hurt and it doesn’t look pretty.

Looking forward to my next session!!