Laser Hair Removal / by Cinthia Contreras


I tried in two occasions to do waxing and let me tell you something waxing is definitely not for me! I just cant tolerate the pain and no matter how many times I hear the phrase “you get use to it” I just cant picture how is possible to become that resistant to a pain and anyway I like more permanent solutions, so after my second try waxing I started doing research about laser hair removal and since I didn’t find negative information about this treatment, I booked some sessions to get rid once and for all my under armpit hair and this have been so far one of the best decisions of my life!! Not having to shave everyday is such a relief that I decided to go for a Brazilian, but I was concern about the pain, because even if is very quick it is still pain and down there is a more sensitive area, shall I mention the embarrassment of getting naked and opening my legs and butt to a complete stranger?!   

For this new treatment I decided to go to Laser Away, since 2006 they have been driven by customer satisfaction and the latest innovations in aesthetics science and technology to develop some of the best treatments in the field. LaserAway is among the fastest growing companies in the industry because of one simple reason: It’s the science of smooth skin.

Throughout this treatment I’ll be updating you about my experience.

Session One:

I was extremely nervous about pain and getting naked. The pain part well was bearable but again this is my first session and the power they use is progressive, hopefully I’ll be able to complete this! The technician used ice packages and the laser machine blows a cold air that appeases the burning pulling sensation. About the getting naked part I just had to pull it together and block my shyness.

Session Two:

There I was walking to my second laser hair removal appointment, concerned about the pain and getting naked but very pleased with the result of my first visit, the hair growth reduced by a 60% and that makes me super happy. I told the nurse about it and she told me that some sessions give more results than others, next time I'll ask why...

As expected it did hurt a bit more and the fetal position I had to do was even more embarrassing.

Session Three:

I have to admit this time was difficult, I had my appointment in the middle of fashion and I was told to shave with a razor for better results and less pain I’m allergic to razors but I did it anyway so imagine my face when I went to my appointment and the girl at the front desk came at me with a story about why she wasn’t going to let me in because I was 12 mins late, enraging but I had no time to argue, since I had a long day ahead and very limited time. I had to reschedule, and two days later there I was, still of fire down there after shaving and guess what already stubbly not to my sight but yes to the expert, who looked at me, warned me and recommend me to go another day with a deeper shave because it was going to hurt, but I did it anyway, well I tried!

Omg she was soooo right, the sound of those little hairs being burned and the reach of the laser machine to my skin made it impossible to finish this session. We tried lowering the intensity and squeezing a stress ball, but at the end we just decided to leave it like that and just wait for the next session. I’ll will for sure shave the same day of my appointment to avoid the extra uncomfortable pain.

Session 4

As the treatment advance the sessions become shorter and shorter which is great! This session we were able to finish it properly, so I’ expecting to see less hair growing and hopefully I won’t need more than 6 sessions!