No Supermodel / by Cinthia Contreras


It’s Fashion season and the catwalks are teeming with girls walking in the latest designs. If there’s one thing that Fashion loves, it’s a supermodel. A real one. So now that every Tina, Donna or Harriet who has ever taken a picture wants to claim model status and media outlets love to brand anyone who has ever walked down a catwalk a ‘supermodel’, one can’t help but raise an eyebrow (or two).

Models used to have a certain status. As for supermodels, they were like unicorns: unique, formidable and once in a lifetime fantastic. But now 95% of models are disposable. The scene is swamped and unless there’s something really special/ weird/ attention-grabbing (not necessarily in a good way) about them, they’ll disappear almost as quickly they appeared.

It’s harsh but true. Supermodels - the true 90s originals - worked Fashion and worked it their way. Today’s models are merely used by Fashion. If they do manage to find success, chances are they won’t be around long enough and wield enough power or status to really be ‘super’. They might acquire a huge social media following but chances are that most of their followers will also move on once something new comes along.

And that is exactly why it is ridiculous to brand any old model a supermodel, especially those who are just starting out or those who only got there because of their name or their perceived popularity. A few months ago, Donatella Versace reunited the original supermodels to mark the 20th anniversary of Gianni Versace’s death - and they were magnificent. How many of today’s models will be around in 3 years, let alone 20 and still command the same amount of wow? Enough said.

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