Fashion Fast Track / by Cinthia Contreras

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It's never easy starting something. Rectification, it's never easy starting something new in Fashion. Whatever the area, you know you're facing an uphill battle - unless of course your family/ your friends/ some 'fortunate' acquaintance  can cut you a way in and let you jump the unending queue. But is all this making Fashion lose it standards?

Many creatives toil away for ages doing all sorts of things they don't want to just so they can pursue their Fashion dreams. They slug away, work their guts out until they finally make it - if they're lucky. But whilst they're doing what they have to do to make it happen meet, another type of player looms ahead. Often all this player knows is that they like pretty things, luxury and they really want to work in Fashion. Like reaaaally. Cos it looks good right? A few months and a few connections later said player is 'modelling'/ starting a clothes line/ doing PR for X much to the disbelief of the exhausted overworked creative.

Fashion has always worked by connection but there used to be some kind of standard which ensured that those in the game respected it as the Art form it is. They had worked in some shape or form to get there. Now it's often all facade and no substance. That only brings the game down for all and could even discourage creatives from actually giving it a go. And that would be Fashion's loss.

There's nothing wrong with getting a helping hand. But there's a big difference between receiving help and being parachuted in. At the end of the day when placed side by side, most people know which kind of creative they'd rather deal with, who the players truly are - and how they really got there.



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