Fashionably Predictable / by Cinthia Contreras

#thelifemc 26

With all the different types of Fashion available to us now, there's so much stuff to get hooked on. On an individual level but also on a collective level - after all 'trends' aren't created in a vacuum. But does everyone focusing and embracing certain trends make the whole game too samey?

Let's be honest, at any one given time there are all sorts of go-to brands, designers and pieces. They might not always be the most beautiful or the best but they all have one thing in common: they all have something that appeals to the masses. You see them everywhere and they are on everyone's lips and in everyone's wardrobes until the next big fresh thing comes along.

And of course when the next big fresh thing does come along, the same thing happens until the cycle starts over again. It'd be great if we could resist the trend/ popularity bandwagon but it's always been an unavoidable part of Fashion. So the only thing one can do is try as it so it your way.

Barbed Chic

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