The Fabric of Fashion / by Cinthia Contreras

From the outside it can be tempting to think of Fashion as one-dimensional. It's all about clothes. But if the naysayers care to look a little deeper they will soon see that Fashion is full of interesting leads on so many fronts - social, cultural and political amongst others - worth investigating. So why then is the art of Fashion often boiled down to mere fabric?

In our time, it's probably because the focus in Fashion has mostly been on the product/ result and less on all the work that goes into making a piece: the research, the mastery, the influences. Of course not all garments have such qualities worth looking into but they are often even overlooked in notable pieces.

Movements and trends are seen as seasonal and all the meaning infused in some pieces is lost. Result: Fashion loses its informative revelatory potency and it's suddenly all about swooshing fabric. But as history and studies have shown, it's so much more than that and must be recognised for its social litmus value. And that is something that needs to be reaffirmed, now more than ever. After all, a piece is never just a piece.


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