Fashion Talks / by Cinthia Contreras

It can often seem as though Fashion is merely to do with clothes, style, trends, glamour and one's increasingly important look and ever-pervading style. But one of the most important and interesting things we often overlook or rather forget to acknowledge is the power and importance of speech and words in Fashion.

During the creative process, talking and exchanging with others helps to sort out ideas. Through conversations and discussions, you think of new angles, gain new perspective and sometimes decide to radically change, scrap or rework things. At times, the right chat can even cause you to make a complete U-turn - and come up with something totally fresh and new.

Once creation is done and the designs exist, we then love to talk about them, write about them and discuss them. We wax lyrical, toy with adjectives and depending on their depth, explore nooks and crannies of collections and pieces that excite us or trigger things in us - good or bad.

So no matter how shiny and glamorous and gorgeous the industry can be, let's always remember that even though it might be able to exist without them, words are an integral part of Fashion and make it richer in every way.




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