Luxury redefined / by Cinthia Contreras

Back in the beginnings of 'Fashion', luxury was mainly synonymous with couture. If it didn't reek of dollar, hadn't been crafted by nimble-fingered nymphs or wasn't by one of 'those' brands, luxury it was not. But (some) things have changed and luxury has taken on a whole new twist. So what exactly does luxury mean to us today?

It really can be anything. Luxe living, luxury dining, luxury streetwear. You name it, it's been luxed up. In some cases it means that the quality has improved but in others, it's merely a question of smoke and mirrors. Because as every fan of all fine things has discovered at one time or another, when it comes to what one really would describe as 'luxurious' - especially in Fashion terms - the devil is always in the detail.

More than anything, today's definition of luxury is very individual and personal. One aficionado's limited edition sneaks are another man's bespoke handcrafted boots. So when it comes down to it, luxury is now more a matter of preference and taste than just overt ostentation. And in an industry where creativity and expression are key, that can't be a bad thing.




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