You WILL respect my DMs / by Cinthia Contreras

Like many people who are into them, I love my Doc Martens. Something about these puppies makes me feel invincible and like I could take on anything and anyone. They can take all sorts of beatings and only get better and more comfortable with age. What's not to love? But recently, I have noticed an extremely irritating pattern that must be addressed and nipped in the bud ASAP - DM disrespect.

Let me explain. As a fan of the brand, I own several pairs, styles and colours. And I have noticed that due to their reputation as a tough, hardwearing, can-take-all-the madness-you-throw-at-them brand, some ill-bred ill-heeled folk think they can mess with other people's DMs with no fallout.

You know the drill. You're out. Some rude random walks by and steps on your shoes. But instead of apologising, they stop, look down and keep walking. The attitude being "Aah, I don't need to apologise, they're DMs, no harm done.” Harm done! When I step on someone's shoes I say sorry, regardless of whether or not their shoes can 'take it'. Know why? Cos they're not MY damn shoes!!!**

I'm not a violent person by any stretch of the imagination but that little trite "oh it doesn't matter cos they’re Docs" look people get after stepping on your boots before walking away literally makes my blood boil - and totally makes me want to rethink my usual live and let live attitude. So if you're one of the *@$&×+# who does this, stop it. Now. For your own sake.

**All of this is part of a wider problem - swag disrespect - but more about that another time.




IG/ T ~ @The_Life_MC