Are fashion tokens enough to make us devotees? / by Cinthia Contreras

There’s no denying that Fashion Weeks are major highlights of the Fashion calendar. It’s a time during which there are more parties, events and showcases than ever and along with that come expectations of a good show, a good time and often, a good goody bag. And the cooler the gifts, the better. But are fashion tokens really all it takes to win our allegiance?

It’s widely believed among naysayers that fashion folk are easily bought and swayed. All brands and designers need to do is hurl free stuff at us and we’ll back them - until the next load of free stuff comes along. Sure, Fashion goes hand-in-hand with bubbles and gifts but how is that so different from practices in other sectors? Just because the Fashion industry has more sparkle about it than many other industries does not mean that those who like that side of it are necessarily more vapid than the average mortal.

And as we all truly know, the support we choose to give brands and designers has absolutely nothing to do with freebies. Lots of factors come into play but in the end it’s basically about how much we genuinely like and believe in the designs. Sure, we enjoy the perks but if we don’t like what’s on show, it’s going to take a lot more than a few random cool bits in a bag to change our minds. We might all have a price but no goody bag in the world can have that kind of tag.  

The Chicutopian