At the speed of Fashion / by Cinthia Contreras

Fashion moves fast, really fast. If there’s one thing the industry doesn’t like, it’s a loss of momentum and the whiff of anything static. New ideas, concepts, models and designs are emerging every day and now, as Fashion gets more tech-oriented, things are now going at breakneck speed. But is Fashion now going that little bit too fast?

It makes sense that Fashion should be in perpetual motion. After all it is an art that has always tapped in and depended on what is going on in society. We’re all going faster so obviously, so is Fashion. We are now used to getting what we want when we want and the recent introduction of Catwalk to Checkout services s is a sure sign that things are set to get even faster. On some levels that’s definitely a good thing but realistically, it’s not necessarily ideal.

No matter how connected we are, we can’t be everywhere and see everything so we’ll inevitably end up missing things we would definitely like. On a professional level, it means we are going to have to work even harder and be even more reactive than we already are *justified collective gasp* But seeing as there’s no solution and the pace is only set to increase, we’re just going to have to slip on some (un)comfortable shoes and get running. After all, it really wouldn’t do to get left behind.

The Chicutopian (@barbedchic)