Free Fashion Speech / by Cinthia Contreras


Everyone likes to comment - and criticise - to varying extents. Before, hardcore commenting (ahem, bitching) was mostly done behind closed doors and in certain circles. But now that all it takes is a few taps to share one’s ‘thoughts’ with the world, bitching has been set free. Often, as we go through feeds and articles and read the comments, we can really start to wonder, are we now in constant bitching default mode?

We all do it whether we ‘know' those involved or not. Some hot news drops and a few minutes later you’re hitting your social media to see what the world is saying and perhaps adding your two cents. Scandals, collaborations, celebrity spats, nip slips, gossip, revelations. You name it, if we can have an opinion on it, we will. And many will now make their feelings known, no matter how harsh, via whichever social media they choose, if not all.

This is particularly obvious when it comes to fashion comment sections. Even though they can be very entertaining you can’t help but wonder if the sassy typers would serve it up that dryly, or at all, to the objects of their criticism in real life. But what happens on the internet stays on the internet. And whether we like it or not, bitching is now kind of a social prerequisite. After all, who hasn’t bonded with a new acquaintance over shared dislikes of X brand, designer, critic or IG feed? And it’s not actually increased bitching, it’s just the liberation and democratisation of free speech.

The Chicutopian (@barbedchic)