Bad Romance / by Cinthia Contreras

Bad Romance

Fashion isn’t the easiest of industries. And yet those who are involved in it often find it hard to walk away. No matter what curveball Fashion throws at us, we pick ourselves up, dust off our denims and get back to it. And whether we care to admit it or not, for its sake, we’ll put up with stuff we would most likely balk at in ‘regular’ circumstances. So, is Fashion really just another bad romance?  

What else do you call a relationship with an unpredictable entity that permanently eludes you and keeps you on your toes, sets your head spinning time and again, expects you to wait around for it and only cares as long as you remained focused on it and it alone ? Fashion Week is a magnified case and point. We spend hours running around to catch show after show from morning till night. Woe betide those who miss the cutoff time but those inside might well have to wait for an hour - or more - before the show starts. And for some weird reason, we’ll actually wait. Most of the time (-but that’s a whole other topic).

We’ll put up with the craziest demands, work under weird conditions and go through all sorts of madness just for the love of the F word. Sometimes it loves us back and sometimes it leaves us uncertain of where we stand with it. The highs are incredible but then, as in any bad romance worthy of that name, so are the lows. And yet, no matter what it does, we all return to it determined to ‘make it work’. It might well have all the signs of a bad romance, but at least, it’s kind of a beautiful shiny one.

The Chicutopian (@barbedchic)